Democratic County Central Committee
 Assembly District 12
 Vote June 3

Endorsed by:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Mayor Gavin Newsom
State Senator Leland Yee
State Assemblywoman Fiona Ma
Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin
Supervisor Jake McGoldrick   
Supervisor Sean Elsbernd
Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
Assessor Phil Ting   
Treasurer Jose Cisneros

San Francisco Young Democrats, Women's Political Committee,
Irish-American Democratic Club, Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, Plan C,
FDR Democratic Club, Asian Pacific-Islander Democratic Club, SEIU Regional Council, Westside Chinese-American Democratic Club, City Democratic Club, Westside Democratic Club, Mexican-American Political Association, Plan C, Filipino-American Democratic Club

Who is Trevor McNeil?

Hi! I'm a native San Franciscan who's been volunteering for the party since I was 14. I'm a middle school teacher and a democratic activist with experience working for national, state and local campaigns.

Two years ago I was elected to the Democratic County Central Committee as the youngest member in recent memory. The reason, I think, is that I was known and respected as a sort of 'worker bee'. I did the work that was needed to build and maintain the party. Since getting elected I think that I have maintained my involvement. I still register people to vote. I still help organize events and reach out to new activists.

My goals for my second term are to:
1) Develop a purposeful and structured training program to bring in a new generation of activists - young people and under-represented groups. The DCCC and the democratic party should be reflective of San Francisco's diversity

2) Revive and fully support the permanent precinct captain operation. We have had huge fundraising successes over the last two years. The party now has enough money that we can hire and support staff to operate a year-round precinct captain operation so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel every 2 years.

3) Reach out to red counties! San Francisco needs to talk with, train and equip our fellow Democrats in Republican territory so that we can advance a progressive agenda and realize the value of San Francisco democratic mobilization on the state and national level.

Two years ago I was able to raise money and hit the street canvassing. We were outspent 4-1 and still won. This year I need to do the same. It is a much more competitive race with some well-known names in the mix. To effectively get my name and message to voters in the 12th assembly district I have to print and mail thousands of campaign fliers. On top of that each of the clubs that endorsed me will need significant funding to reach their membership as well.

Please consider writing me a check!

Payable to "Trevor McNeil for SFDCCC" 
Please send it to 1133 Lincoln Way San Francisco, CA 94122

or if you're more interested in volunteering, towards election day there will be a chance to do that as well - so drop me a line if you're interested!

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